About Me:

Hello! I’m Dale and I live in Clinton Township, Michigan. As a matter of fact, I have lived in Southeastern Michigan my entire life! Photography has always been a passion for me, while “living the dream” as an educator for 37 years.

Over the past decades, I have used prominent 35mm and medium format film cameras to photograph a host of events, such as; Weddings, Senior Graduation Pictures, Family Portraits, Sports Teams, Rock Concerts, Travel Photography, and Landscape Photography, etc., along with various other special events. With the inception of the digital-pixel era, I have grown into the digital age using some of the highest quality megapixel cameras, off-camera flashes, and photographic software to generate a smooth work-flow like many other photographers throughout the world.

Now, being retired from the bustle of “live” Photography shoots, I spend my time creating “Travel/Landscape Galleries” for all to enjoy on my website. This is a craze I still truly enjoy!

The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum and is located on the right bank of the Seine River. The museum houses approximately 38,000 objects from prehistory to the 21st century. This picture was taken after a major rain storm with the sun striking the buildings at sunset.