About Me

Hello!  I’m Dale J. Dubay and I live in Clinton Township, Michigan. As a matter of fact, I have lived in Southeastern Michigan my entire life! Photography has always been a passion for me, while “living the dream”.

Over the past years, I have used prominent 35mm and medium format film cameras to photograph a host of events; Weddings, Senior Pictures & Family Portraits, Sports Teams, Rock Concerts, Travel & Landscapes, etc., along with various other special events.  With the inception of the digital-pixel era, I have grown into the digital age using some of the highest quality megapixel cameras, off-camera flashes, and photographic software to generate a smooth work-flow like many other photographers around the world.

Photography is my full-time passion and has rejuvenated my life’s focus.  Photographing Weddings, Senior Pictures & Family Portraits, and Travel/Landscape Photography is a craze I truly enjoy!