Gallery 40: Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is located on the coast of northeastern Spain and is the capital of Catalonia, Spain. Barcelona was founded as a Roman City, and in the Middle Ages Barcelona became the capital of the County of Barcelona. After merging with the “Kingdom of Aragon”, Barcelona continued to be an important city in the “Crown of Aragon”.

La Pedrera (The Stone Quarry) Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batillo/Built 1906-1912. It’s a remodel of a previously built house that was redesigned in 1904.

La Pedrera (The Stone Quarry) Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Mila/Built 1905. It was constructed to be house apartments, but due to the irregular shape of the rooms, prospective tenants thought it would be hard to furnish. It became an office building.

A rooftop distant view of Basilica de la Sagrada Familia that has been under construction since March 19, 1882.

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia has been under construction since March 19, 1882. 5 million people visit Sagrada Familia every year.

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia – The Passion Facade: Carved with harsh straight lines to resemble the bones of a skeleton. The facade was intended to portray “the sins of man”. The Passion Facade is the most popular tourist facade of Sagrada Familia’s current facades; Nativity Facade, Passion Facade, and the Glory Facade. More facades are in Gaudi’s plans for construction.

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia – The interior shows all areas including the Latin cross, with the side nave vaults reaching 98 feet. There is no model within architecture for Gaudi’s vault-and-pillar structural system.

Arc de Triomf is a triumphal arch in the city of Barcelona in Catalonia/Spain. It was built by Josep Vilaseca as the main gate for the 1888 Barcelona World Fair.

Francesc de Paula Rius i Taulet was a Catalan lawyer, politician, and mayor in Barcelona, Catalonia/Spain. He is regarded to be among the highest promoters of the 1888 Barcelona Universal Exposition for urbanistic reforms.

The Christopher Columbus monument was constructed in 1888 in honor of his first voyage to the Americas. The monument serves as a reminder that Christopher Columbus reported to Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinard V in Barcelona after his first trip to the new continent.

Christopher Columbus is pointing out to sea underscoring his achievements in naval exploration. Not, pointing to the New World!

An overview of the City of Barcelona from the highest point in town.