Gallery 42: Toledo – Toledo, Spain

Toledo is known as the “Imperial City” because it was the main venue of the court of “Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor” in Spain, and the “City of the Three Cultures” for the cultural influences of Christians, Muslims, and Jews reflected in its history. It was the capital from 542 to 725 AD of the ancient Visigothic kingdom, which followed the fall of the Roman Empire. Synagogues, mosques and churches stand together in a testament to the medieval Spanish diverse history such as; the four towers of The Alcazar’s fortress that was built in 1085.

Below are pictures of Toledo from across the Tagus River. It shows the city atop a gorge overlooking the Rio Tajo.

The Alcazar’s of Toledo in Spain, originally built in 1085, is a square fortified building with four imposing towers sitting high atop a hill overlooking the city. It dates back to the 3rd century and had been restored several times over the years.

The Tagus River is the longest river in the Iberian Penninsula, flowing year round in parts of Spain and Portugal. Here is the Tagus River just outside of Toledo, Spain.

The Puente de Alcantara is a Roman arch bridge in Toledo spanning the Tagus River and is located at the foot of the Castillo de San Servando, all built by the Romans after they founded the city.